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Prevent Burnout if You Work From Home

Workers who trudge into an office every day are jealous of individuals who work from home. After all, the work-from-home crowd does not have to battle rush-hour traffic, hear office gossip, or smell the day-old fish their fellow employees are microwaving in the office cafeteria.

What these office workers do not understand is that working from home comes with its own issues. Specifically, it can be difficult for them to shut off their workday. It’s not uncommon for professionals who work from home to look and see that it’s midnight and they are still writing reports. Maintaining a normal work/life balance can prove to be a complicated balancing act for many who work from home.

However, there are things that individuals who work from home can do to remedy this for their own mental health.

  1. Set up a time for your “close of business”: Make sure you set a time to end work. No matter what that looks like for you. It could be a normal 9am to 5pm, or 12pm to 8pm. Just be certain that you stick to it and shut your computer off when your day ends.
  2. Do something for yourself: When your day ends, make sure you do something for yourself. It doesn’t have to be much. Watch a TV show, work out, or read something non-work related. This habit can help you no matter when you have set your workday to end. This can be something simple: Maybe you want to take it easy on the couch and stream a few episodes of your favorite sitcom. Or it can be a bigger deal, such as a dinner date with a friend or a trip to the movies. Taking a mental break will help get you psychologically out of your work.
  3. Leave the house: When you work from home it is easy to end up spending the majority of your time at home. So, it’s crucial that you notice this is happening and leave the house. Make dinner plans with your friends or go hiking. You should do anything to ensure you don’t go all week without leaving the house. That’s simply not healthy.

Working excessively can lead to stress, which can cause health problems. This is true whether you work from home, in an office, or in the field. So, the key is to find a balance between personal life and work. If you can’t work from home and find that balance, it may be time to return to an office environment. At least then, when they turn off the lights in the office, you’ll know you have worked long enough.

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